By John Riggins - 10 Mar 18

Can Music Sell Your Home?

Can Music Sell Your Home?While it’s true that music can help soothe your soul, the question is – can it help sell your home? Are there ways in which you can use the emotional power of music to nudge potential buyers into making an offer? The answer is yes – and here’s how to do it.

Make the music match

While it’s true that music can help sell your house, it does have to be the right music. Choose your music based on the style of your home. If your house has a Zen-like, minimalist quality, you might opt for the kind of music you’d hear at a spa. Also consider the time of year and the weather. If you’re showing the house on a cold, rainy day, choose music that makes it feel warm and cozy inside – perhaps something you’d hear at a coffeehouse on a Sunday morning. Conversely, if it’s the middle of the afternoon on a hot, sunny summer day, go for something more upbeat and energetic.

Choose safe genres

Musical tastes are very personal. Even though one person may love country music, another may absolutely hate it. It’s hard to second-guess exactly who is going to come through the door, so play it safe with musical genres. Instrumental jazz or classical music often set the perfect mood. Stay away from polarizing genres like heavy metal or religious music, unless you know you are targeting a very specific kind of buyer who would respond favorably to it. You can search streaming sites such as Spotify and Pandora for existing playlists for your open house. Just be sure to preview the songs before playing them, to make sure they strike the right tone.

Keep the volume low

Unless your open house is meant to convey a party vibe, keep the volume of your music at a lower volume. You want to be able to hear the music without it being overpowering. If you’re having trouble being heard over the music, it’s too loud. But you want it to be just loud enough so that well-known tunes are recognizable. Music helps people feel more comfortable chatting with each other as they walk through the home. Silence can be very intimidating.

Go for variety

If you’re showing a larger home, you can even experiment with playing different music in different areas of the house. While you may want something slightly more upbeat in the living room and kitchen area, it could make sense to play music that is more relaxing in the bathroom or bedroom. You’re trying to create a mood and help a buyer imagine what it will be like living there. Playing the right kind of music in each room will make those visualizations easier.

Get a second opinion

Once you feel you’ve got just the right music to set the tone, give it a test run. Invite a trusted friend or neighbor over to take a walk through the home with the music playing. How does it make them feel? Is the volume too low or too high? Make any adjustments that are needed, and you’ll be ready to experiment with your musical selections the next time you show the house.

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