By John Riggins - 14 Jan 13

Being A Good Neighbor Starts in Your Home

fresh bread from your homeIn talking with a friend about her recent cross country move, I was reminded of how delightful it is to give and receive service. Perhaps you had a similar experience when you purchased your home. Maybe you’ve been the helpful neighbor yourself. Either way, her story explaining a surprising relocation and a neighborhood welcoming will warm your heart.

“With my husband’s recent promotion we were unexpectedly moved to a really small town. I was pretty scared at first transporting my two small children cross country while being pregnant with a third and we really had no time to prepare. We packed what we had and sent it in the moving truck and took a plane to our new home. I’ve been overwhelmed by how much people really care about one another here. When we moved in, I had neighbors bringing over dinner every night for the first two weeks! Other moms even offered to help with caring for my children and unpacking boxes. The men who lived on the street have helped us move our furniture around the house, multiple times. It’s been an amazing experience for me, simply because I have great neighbors.”

Stories like these are not unheard of in our area. We have a great community and friendly residents, and I’m sure you are one of them (my readers always are). However I’ve been thinking of ways to be a better neighbor and I wanted to share with you the list I’ve created. If you have more ideas, please share them so we can all learn together to make your home, my home, and the homes of our neighbors happier places.

  • Food – Whether you bring over a meal, fresh produce, ice cold waters, or a just baked treat, move-in day is a great time to get know your new neighbors. You can also plan a BBQ or dinner at your home for later in the week to further the relationship.
  • Help – Offering to unload or unpack boxes, pick up something at the grocer while you’re out, or introduce your new neighbor to the kiddie carpool are invaluable things you can do to help your new friend.
  • Information – Sharing your favorite deli or restaurant or the best parks and schools in the area are really helpful and open the door to conversation, as well. You could also pass along names of hair stylists, handymen, and other service providers and mention street sweeping and trash days.
  • Cheer – Dropping off some freshly cut flowers or a candle with a card and your contact information can really make someone feel welcomed, too. But if you really want to do the trick, try raking their leaves, mowing the lawn or bringing in their trash cans. That’ll win a smile any day.

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